Moomin Under Sail – how it all started

Game is inspired by Tove Jansson’s comic “Moomin Under Sail”, have you read it?

Watch video and see how it all started!


The original comic “Moomin Under Sail” follows the Moomins as they build a ship around a compass that Tooticky brings them in a suitcase and then set out to sea to experience adventures. The main gameplay follows the original story through various beats, introducing new gameplay concepts and mechanics through the narrative, allowing the player to experience the original Moomin adventure through a new medium. Obviously, liberties need to be taken with the narrative to fit it into the planned gameplay of Under Sail, but the main story ‘beats’ remain the same, for example:

– Building the ship, and launching it with the help of Edward the Booble (Tutorial)

– Enjoying the recently launched ship, and dealing with whatever early challenges they encounter.

As we wish to give the players a chance to continue playing with their ship and having adventures on the seas, this is the point where all of the possibilities of the Moomin seas open up instead. Visit the Riviera? Make landfall on the Island of the Ancestors? Help Sniff with his beach resort? How about a Robinsonade on a deserted (or not so deserted) island?  The Moomins have a very strong connection to the sea, and as such there is a rich store of existing stories and themes that can be explored in Under Sail.